CouchPotato is a Media Center and Home Automation Center application for MacOS X (and soon GNUstep).
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DISCLAIMER: This software is in its very early alpha stage. Don't expect too much, and don't blame me if it wrecks your hard drive, sets your house on fire and rapes your dog. You have been warned.
That said, it's reasonably well-behaved here :-) Please send me your experiences with CouchPotato via per
email (replace _AT_ by @). Thank you!


Tue, Mar 14, 2006:
Version 0.4.1alpha
Sun, Mar 5, 2006:
Version 0.4alpha
Sun, Feb 12, 2006:
Version 0.3alpha
Thu, Nov 24, 2005:
Version 0.2alpha


In its current 0.4alpha state, CouchPotato has the following features:

More to come...


To install, just grab CouchPotato-0.4.1a.dmg.gz , open it and drag to your Applications folder.
Note for Upgraders: If you upgrade to 0.4a or later from an earler version, you also need to upgrade the MovieTrailerDiscovery plugin; get the new version here.



CouchPotato has been designed to be usable with only six keys on the remote control or the keyboard: Start, Menu, and the four cursor keys. You use the cursor keys to navigate through CouchPotato's menu structure. The Start key selects menu items and starts playback of the currently selected media file. The Menu key pauses playback and brings you back up one level.

On the computer keyboard, the cursor keys move the cursor, the Start key is the space bar, and the Menu key is the Escape key.

Two more keys are significant: The "f" key toggles full-screen mode, and the "q" key quits CouchPotato. Alternatively, you can enable Service Mode in the Settings and do the same from the menu.

Remote control

If you use a remote control supported by IRTrans, the first time you start CouchPotato with the IRTrans plugged in, you will be able to let CouchPotato learn the keys that you want to use on the remote.
If you want to restart the learning process, you can find the corresponding menu entry under Settings->Remote control.

Plugin Repository

Here you can find add-on modules that add extra functionality to CouchPotato. The basic installation procedure for all of these is the same: Unpack the archive or open the DMG and drag the plugin (the file with the suffix ".bundle") to one of the following locations (create them if they do not exist):

If you have written a plugin for CouchPotato that you would like to see included on this page, please email me at (replace _AT_ by @), and I'll gladly put it into this list.

File Discoveries

These plugins provide searching for media files on your hard disk, the Internet, and other places.

For Experts and Programmers


CouchPotato can be enhanced by plugins. There are currently three types of plugins: Plugins are loaded from ~/Library/CouchPotato/Plugins or /Library/CouchPotato/Plugins. Please refer to the Header files (in for more information.

File List Format

The File List Discovery uses a file containing a pre-fabricated file list. That file should be in ~/Library/CouchPotato/Files.plist. It is a standard property list that contains an array of dictionaries; valid dictionary keys are "ContentURL" (the full URL to the file) and "Type", whose value can be "Video", "Audio", "Image", or "Other".

Example for a Files.plist file: